Some Days

Today was one of my “some days” – what is a “some day” you might ask.  Well a “some day” is the day where you never get everything accomplished and instead just spin your wheels and hit a few brick walls in the process.  What makes a “some day” occur?  Well, today it was caused by a serious lack of focus.  I have a hard time focusing on a task when I feel like everything is in chaos.  It feels like nothing was put away, cleaned the way I needed it to be, my kids were in constant motion, and nothing got completed.  Ever have a day like that…I have attempted to calm my some days but often fail.

I have come up with the 10 Steps for overcoming “some days”

  1. PRAY
  2. Take several deep breaths.
  3. Make a list of must do’s , want to do’s, and could do’s.
  4. Focus on the must do list first.
  5. Complete the first 2 items on the Must do list.
  6. Step back and re-prioritize according to time constraints.
  7. Check my basic needs (make sure I eat, drink, exercise)
  8. Complete the list if possible.
  9. Make to do list for tomorrow
  10. Reward myself for focusing!

I find that I have more “some days” now that I am at home.  Whether the lack of focus is due to being overwhelmed with the household tasks, or trying to fill every minute of my time, or just having the blues – having a plan on handling those rough days is necessary.

One day at a time – discovering myself.


Five Things Friday

So I thought I would stay a “Five Things Friday” Series to share things from my week, my likes, dislikes etc.

  1. Greek Food – ok, So I love Greek food, I know lots of people don’t enjoy it, including my spouse so to be able to enjoy Greek Food today was amazing.  Not only that but I got out of the house and got to visit with some friends – all in all a major WIN.
  2. Shakeology- This protein shake is my favorite breakfast lately.  12 oz. water, 1 scoop chocolate shakeology, 5 ice cubes = yummy goodness.
  3. Movie Night with my hubby – Grown Ups 2 is hilarious.  Just saying a good laugh is always important.
  4. Pinterest – love finding new recipes and tweaking them to be healthier.
  5. 80 degree highs/ 50 degree lows.  I typically dislike cold weather – but the heat is killing me and my skin.   Looking forward to enjoying some cooler temps.

And there you have it…Five Thing Friday.

Herding Ninja Cats – or – An Afternoon with my 4 year old

I stand in amazement.  I have always know that moms who stay at home have one of the hardest jobs every, but today proves it again.  I have spent the day trying to pick up my house and accomplish a very few small tasks.

Once everyone has been dressed and dropped off at schools I start my morning. My morning started with a prayer walk at the church prayer garden.  This has been my morning routine this week – walking and praying and just spending time with God.  Such a pleasant way to start the day.  Once the walk was complete, I headed home to start my to do list for the day.  I did some laundry (it seems never ending) and then hit the kitchen to unload and reload the dishwasher.  So far so good.  My major task today was to clean up the laundry area and the entry from the garage.  This took some time and lots of decision making.  That task was finally completed around lunch time.  I grabbed some leftovers and headed to pick up Eli aka The 4 year old Ninja.

We came home and I attempted to get this small boy to take a nap.  What an exercise in futility.  That kid can put off a nap with a variety of ways.  First was to ask to nap with mommy.  Next was to ask me to scratch his back, followed by complaining that he was hot then cold.  Finally after an hour of attempting to get this kid to sleep, I gave up.

This began the playing part of the afternoon.  While I was attempting to clean the living room, my ninja child managed to convince me to let him build a tent using the dining room chairs, blankets, an ottoman and lots of imagination.  The thing that has me absolutely certain that he is a ninja is this – when I started to break down the tent, I found:

2 blankets from his bed

a bean bag chair

2 stuffed animals

a stool from the bathroom

and lastly

a bucket of hot wheel cars

I never left the living room, we were in the same room and yet I did not see ANY of these items make their way into the living room.  When I asked him when he brought all of it into the room – he gave me a sly grin and refused to say a word.

Once I had the tent cleaned up, I was positive that the living room was now clean, until I turned around and saw that the ninja had been busy.  He had managed to pull out all kinds of random things and undo everything I had worked so hard to do.

Ninja I tell you Ninja.

Keeping House

Today I spent my day cleaning.  Now my home is clean – so what I mean is the deep cleaning and purging that comes around when I have extra time on my hands.  Since I am now staying at home, I am attempting to fill my day with activities – today was cleaning our bedroom and purging various belongings.  I decided to take things one step at a time so after my morning walk, prayer time and kitchen pick up – I headed to the bedroom.  Can I just say – WOW at the amount of things in that room that we never touch.

I started my focus on our bookshelves.  These shelves hold everything from cookbooks to children’s storybook to regular fiction and throw in a few yearbooks, coffee table books and a few binders.  It is also home to video games and piggy banks.  I started with taking everything off the shelves – this seemed like a great idea, it really wasn’t.  Not only did I stir up all kinds of dust, but once everything was removed, it was hard to sort through it all and focus on what to keep.  (by the way – I ended up keeping all the books).  After the bookshelf, I moved on to the tops of various pieces of furniture, I really don’t know how things get so dusty in a matter of 5 days.  Prior to my stay at home status – I dusted every Saturday, so I know that dusting has occurred.  I moved through this take and then started on the washing of the bedding.  Again, this is done regularly but I wanted to wash it all while I was in the process of deep cleaning the room.  I dusted blinds, doors, I cleaned door knobs, lights etc.

It was 11:45 and I was exhausted and in a sneezing fit.  I know I will settle into a routine but for now, the deep cleaning will continue.  Phase 2 starts tomorrow – the entry from the garage and the laundry areas.  Prayers please.  I am not sure what I will find in this area- but I do know this – I learned a lot today.

I learned that dusting is not something I enjoy, I learned that I have issues with clutter, and I learned that I have a long way to go in figuring out who I am.

Learning to Love My New Normal

The last few months have required me to learn to living in a new normal.  The lost of my job in May started the transition and made me try to be a stay at home mom.  After a few weeks, I was offered a new job.  That job did not work out and so as of today I return to stay at home mom status.  I will be the first to admit that while I have always loved the idea of being a stay at home mom, I have never really considered it an option.  I started my first real job fresh out of college and have worked ever since that day – so for me to now be learning how to stay home and take care of things here, without my day job – well it is leaving me out of sorts.

This morning I spent time working out and praying – lots of praying.  I have started chores around the house, laundry, dishes, etc.  It is just now hitting home that not only will I be working in a different capacity but now I will also focus more on household things that previously didn’t bother me.  I am focusing on my beachbody business and looking for work but for now – I need to discover this part of Lorna – and it is ok to admit that I am scared and out of my norm.

God has a plan – we have to stop, Listen and Learn.  So that is my focus for now.

Stay tuned.


So as many of you know, I started the 21 Day Fix Challenge last week.  I chose this challenge in order to get myself back on track as far as eating correctly and getting back into working out again.  This program is amazing.  It simplifies meals by giving me a set number of color codes boxes – each color corresponds to a certain type of food.  This main thing with this plan is that I am never hungry.  Some days I feel like I am eating all day!  The workouts are challenging for me and I can certainly it is working.  After the first workout I was so sore that I almost could not move the next day – the thing is this, I KEPT going the next day and the next day.

In this part of discovering who I am – I am rediscovering a love of working out and taking care of myself physically.  I am tired every night and I know that I am doing good things for myself and my body.  That alone is reward enough.

A typical day looks like this:

Breakfast – Shakeology/apple

Lunch – Chicken/Whole Grain Crackers/carrots/hummus/peanuts

Dinner – Baked Catfish/Brown Rice/Green Beans X2

Snack – Frozen Pineapple

Snack – Shakeology with PB.

30 minute workout. (today was ARMS)

This is doable – it is something I can incorporate into my lifestyle and know that I am doing good things for myself.  I decided I was worth it – ARE YOU?


if you are interested in trying the 21 Day Fix Challenge or any of the Team Beachbody Products/Programs, leave me a message and I will contact you asap.

21 Day Fix Challenge

So if you are on my social media – then you have seen me posting about the 21 Day Fix Challenge.  I am super excited!!!!

I have been battling my weight and overall fitness for the last several years.  Once kids came along, I just stopped working on my fitness and I love food so my weight is going to be an issue.  I have tried almost every “diet” out there; and while they may work in the short term none of the then worked for the long haul.

I found the 21 Day Fix program through a coach who sponsored a clean eating challenge.  Once I looked at the program, I was sold.  Not only is this something that is well laid out but it is all inclusive – fitness, protein and portion control.   I not only tried it but I decided to be a coach.  So join me in the Challenge and lets see where the journey takes us.  If you are interested in learning more – leave me a message and I will be in touch!!!!!

New Job – New Outlook

So last month I was let go from my job, while this was stressful it was honestly a blessing too.  My job could be stressful and I had already been looking for a new job, so I figure God just took control and forced me to take a leap.  After several weeks of job searching and being a stay at home parent, God provided a job.  This job is unlike anything I have EVER done and it is certainly a challenge.  I have a ton to learn and it is slow going (which if you know me is very HARD. – I usually pick on things FAST.)  I just keep reminding myself that it is slow going and I am on God’s plan.

Right after I took this job I had all kinds of doubts and fears, but God spoke; not in a shout or sign but in a still small voice that he was in control and I would be ok.  That voice keeps me going – knowing God is in control.   It is hard for most of us to stop and listen, to trust GOD.  Our plans are not always Gods plans and I have to remember that.

So What is the purpose of this post?  To remind myself and you my readers (reader? LOL) that it is just part of the journey into discovery of who I am.

Stay tuned

More Changes

So just when it seems you have found a groove – the rug gets yanked out from under you.

Last week I was let go from my job. I been working everyday (other than vacations and holidays) for 18 years  so this is certainly an adjustment, not just for me but my kiddos who are no longer in daycare.  I am actively searching for a job and getting to experience being a stay at home mommy.  This is a little stressful and a lot scary but I am up to the challenge.  I will be back with updates soon

What’s New in My Closet

So a while ago, I shared some of the new items I have started to add to my wardrobe.  Well today I am back with another update of what is now going to be a series called “What’s New in My Closet” and the announcement that there is a coordinating vlog post up on youtube.  WooHoo.  This is something I have been wanting to do – linking my youtube channel with this blog and now It is a reality.

Now on to the clothes.