Grocery Shopping with “help”

This morning was grocery day.  Since I have been off work, I have made Friday morning grocery morning and this week was no exception.  My typical trips take about 40 minutes – this one took 1 hour and 30 minutes total and the only change was I had the kids with me.

Let’s discuss this trip.  First came the buggy selection.  Normally I grab a standard buggy and hit the aisles; while today Eli was insisting on riding in the car buggy.  In order to avoid the upcoming meltdown, we got the car buggy and shopping began.  My kids both began to complain that they were cold, this was the produce section and only 5 minutes into the trip.  I managed to get the product and made my way to the next section, the bakery.  I quickly remembered that today is “National Donut Day” so I bribed them with a donut each to be good ;halfway through the store the name calling started and both kids had to be dealt with – by removing the donuts from the buggy. Once we discussed that they could get them back if they were good the rest of the trip, they returned to some effort of being good and the trip continued.

Two aisle later they were cold again.  My mantra at this point was Suck it Up Buttercup to both kids and internally I was reminding myself that we were almost done and no one was dead.   I am counting this as a win.

We get to the check out and donuts have been reclaimed by the children.  I managed the trip to the store, didn’t lose a kid or my sanity.  So far this was a win, until we get to the car.  Upon arriving to the car to unload the buggy, Eli pinches his hand and has a melt down, both kids are calling each other names, and I am debating getting a large coke from the drive thru window next door.  We almost made it.

In total the trip, from start to finish took twice as long as normal and wasn’t a complete success.


Maybe next week!





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