Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day.  A day set aside for us to remember those who gave their all for our freedom and for our way of life.  For most Americans, Memorial Day is simply a day to BBQ, hang with the family and kick off the summer.  For others, it is a day of mourning.   Mourning lost dreams, lost loves, lost opportunities and most of all the empty feeling they are left with.


I am reminded of a trip to Washington DC from my childhood on this day.  As a child, Memorial Day  and Veterans Day didn’t really mean much- until this trip.  My dad is a Vietnam Vet.  He returned home while many of his friends didn’t.  On this trip to Washington DC, we visited the monuments and the Vietnam Memorial.  I vividly remember and hold tight the image of my dad standing at the wall, searching for the names of his fallen friends.  I remember him sitting on the ground and just staring off, remembering those men.  It was at that moment that I realized what a heartache others hold on Memorial Day.  A day that reminds me each year that I am a luck one, my loved one came home when so many others didn’t.  When so many others only received heartache, pain and loss.  Nothing we can say or do will ever heal this pain.  Nothing we can do will ever be able to replace their lost loves.  But we can honor them- so make your focus today those who fell for our way of life.


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