Weekend Review

This weekend was a crazy whirlwind of activity and celebration.  I thought I would share a little of my weekend with you and I hope you had a great time with your family too.

Friday afternoon started the whirlwind of activities.  Not only was it the last day of school for Lily and the rest of the Blanchard Elementary School Kids but it was also graduation day for my oldest niece Alex Perkins.  This graduation was near and dear to my heart – Alex was my first “kid” – she was born while I was in college and I instantly fell in love with this beautiful red head.

Alex and I have enjoyed a ton of time together lately from getting to travel to Dallas to shop for a Prom dress to being there to help with her Prom weekend.  This Nonna has loved every second of it so graduation was NOT going to be missed.

We left Friday afternoon headed to Camden Arkansas to attend graduation later that night.  This took a little longer than planned due to an accident and a detour through parts of Louisiana that we haven’t seen before, but before long we were back on our track and headed to graduation.  We arrived in time to grab some dinner and change clothes before heading to the school.  The ceremony was full of honors to speeches to encourage the graduates.   We loved on our niece before heading to the hotel.  While I would love to say a good nights sleep happened, my gallbladder had other ideas.   I had a miserable night and the next morning was still in pain as we headed to visit with the family.  Alex was still asleep after a long night celebrating but the family was there to visit and so visit we did.  Spending time with the family is pretty much the best way to spend a weekend in my opinion.  The drive home later that morning was really a blank thanks to some meds I took for pain and I spent the remainder of the day sleepy.  Sunday came way to soon and was spent resting up for the rest of the celebrations.  We attended the 30th anniversary reception for one of the childcare workers at our First Baptist Church Blanchard Child Development Center.  Ms. Opal is a wonderful person who truly loves the kids like they are her own.  Flash forward a few hours and it was time for the second graduation of the weekend.  My baby boy, Eli graduated from the Child development center 4 year old program and will be headed to “big school” next year.


Did mom cry? No but I will admit that all these kids growing up and moving into the next phase does cause me a little twing of pain.

I can only hope that we are parents, aunts, uncles and friends can set the example they need as they move into another phase.




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