Return to Blogging.

Today marks a very important day for me – today I return here to my blog.  After my depression posts – I knew I needed to take some time off to re-center myself and to work on some issues.   Today I fell ready to return and to refocus on this part of the Journey

Someone asked me – why blogging?

Here is my list of WHY

  1. I have enjoyed reading various bloggers over the last several years.  I find some to be fun and adventurous in what they share while others are more informative.  Each one has given me reason to stop and think, enjoyment and some form of escape.
  2. I feel the need to share in some way with others, not that I am blogging about anything specific but instead about myself and what I feel I need to share at the moment.
  3. Why not.  Why not put yourself out there and be a little brave? – This is my bravery right now.

Now for a list of WHAT

  1. I share my thoughts.
  2. I share my experiences
  3. I share my heart.

Do I have a set format? NO.  Do I plan what I will share – NO.  Will there be days where I don’t share – YES.  I simply share when I feel the need and at times I may take a short break to refocus but until then – WELCOME!


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