Runners High and depression.

Last week I dove into the difficult topic of depression and anxiety.  Today I want to talk a little about some of the techniques I use to help cope with my issues.  I have always known that exercise a great way to assist in raising ones spirits but I wasn’t very good at putting that technique to use.  Lately I have had plenty of time to focus more on myself and honestly need to find things to keep myself occupied so exercise has become part of my daily routine.

Now some people love to do hit the gym, join groups to workout or to walk and those things are great but they aren’t really for me.  I personally like to sweat in my own space and to hide my awkwardness inside my own home so I have been doing the 21 Day Fix videos and loving them.  The videos are great but lately I have been wanting to try running again.  I have in the past ran using the c25k programs and love it until my knee starts to swell and hurt, then I stop and give up again.  Until last week.

Last week I was out for my daily prayer walk and felt the urge to run.  So I did.  I ran thinking I would run a minute or two and be over the urge. That is not what happened.  Instead, I ran for almost a solid mile. WHAT?!!   Not only did I run, but I immediately knew I wanted to do it again.  I felt this amazing feeling of accomplishment and a rush of exhilaration.  This is often called a runners high.  Not only did this feel good immediately after the run, but they continued long after the run was over.  So what happens next? – I ran again today.  This time for 1.81 miles and I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

So how does this relate to last weeks post?  It’s simple.  Runners high or exercise high in general can help my balance my anxiety and depression.  I immediately feel better after my workouts and I know that not only is it helping my physical health but my mental well being.  And that alone – is worth the sweat!


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