Squirrels vs. Lorna AKA The Squirrel Story

So many of you may already know that I have squirrel issues, if you didn’t know this little gem of knowledge then hold on tight as I tell the stories. (yes, more than one!)

Story One:

My parents lived in a house surrounded by woods,tree and of course wildlife.  It was not a surprise to know that occasionally a small friend might find its way into the attic. Early one morning while I was in college and living at home I was half asleep when I heard something running around the floor.  I assumed it was our family dog and that he was playing, then I remembered the dog was very old and hadn’t come into my room in a few years.  Suddenly, I felt something jump on the bed.  I slowly rolled over and opened my eyes and was shocked to find on the pillow next to me was a squirrel.  I screamed, the squirrel screamed and then it happened – the squirrel jumped spread eagle onto my face!  I separated my face and the squirrel and I proceeded to bury myself in the covers at the end of my bed.  Now all the screaming has awakened the rest of the family members, so in came my parents at a full run only to find me in a ball at the bottom of my bed and the squirrel running rampant around my room.  Upon taking in this site, my parents get me out the room and calmed down and proceed to get the squirrel out of the house.  It took a while for me to be able to sleep in my room without being worried that a squirrel would show back up.

Story Two:

Several years after story one occurred I was working in Desoto Parish with the LSU AgCenter.  We had been having a few problems with the air conditioner and one morning opened the closet where the air unit was housed.  It was then we realized that a squirrel had made its way into that space.   We opened the doors to the closet wide and opened the back door that was directly across from the closet in hopes that the squirrel would chose to leave.  It did not, instead the squirrel decided on a different plan of attack to the situation.  I was sitting at my desk working on a newsletter for the 4-H kids when I glanced up and sitting in the chair directly across from me was the squirrel.  Not only was the squirrel sitting in my chair, it blocked the path to the door.  Once eye contact had been made the squirrel made its move.  It jumped down from the chair and ran under my desk – at the same time I jumped up and raced to the door of my office with the squirrel in hot pursuit.  With help from the other ladies in the office, we managed to get the squirrel out of the back door, and I was saved again.

Now for two days I have been confronted by a squirrel in our garage.  So as you can see, I have squirrel issues.

Hopefully this squirrel will stay away but I have a feeling story three may be in the works.

Stay tuned,


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