Some Days

Today was one of my “some days” – what is a “some day” you might ask.  Well a “some day” is the day where you never get everything accomplished and instead just spin your wheels and hit a few brick walls in the process.  What makes a “some day” occur?  Well, today it was caused by a serious lack of focus.  I have a hard time focusing on a task when I feel like everything is in chaos.  It feels like nothing was put away, cleaned the way I needed it to be, my kids were in constant motion, and nothing got completed.  Ever have a day like that…I have attempted to calm my some days but often fail.

I have come up with the 10 Steps for overcoming “some days”

  1. PRAY
  2. Take several deep breaths.
  3. Make a list of must do’s , want to do’s, and could do’s.
  4. Focus on the must do list first.
  5. Complete the first 2 items on the Must do list.
  6. Step back and re-prioritize according to time constraints.
  7. Check my basic needs (make sure I eat, drink, exercise)
  8. Complete the list if possible.
  9. Make to do list for tomorrow
  10. Reward myself for focusing!

I find that I have more “some days” now that I am at home.  Whether the lack of focus is due to being overwhelmed with the household tasks, or trying to fill every minute of my time, or just having the blues – having a plan on handling those rough days is necessary.

One day at a time – discovering myself.


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