Five Things Friday

So I thought I would stay a “Five Things Friday” Series to share things from my week, my likes, dislikes etc.

  1. Greek Food – ok, So I love Greek food, I know lots of people don’t enjoy it, including my spouse so to be able to enjoy Greek Food today was amazing.  Not only that but I got out of the house and got to visit with some friends – all in all a major WIN.
  2. Shakeology- This protein shake is my favorite breakfast lately.  12 oz. water, 1 scoop chocolate shakeology, 5 ice cubes = yummy goodness.
  3. Movie Night with my hubby – Grown Ups 2 is hilarious.  Just saying a good laugh is always important.
  4. Pinterest – love finding new recipes and tweaking them to be healthier.
  5. 80 degree highs/ 50 degree lows.  I typically dislike cold weather – but the heat is killing me and my skin.   Looking forward to enjoying some cooler temps.

And there you have it…Five Thing Friday.


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