Herding Ninja Cats – or – An Afternoon with my 4 year old

I stand in amazement.  I have always know that moms who stay at home have one of the hardest jobs every, but today proves it again.  I have spent the day trying to pick up my house and accomplish a very few small tasks.

Once everyone has been dressed and dropped off at schools I start my morning. My morning started with a prayer walk at the church prayer garden.  This has been my morning routine this week – walking and praying and just spending time with God.  Such a pleasant way to start the day.  Once the walk was complete, I headed home to start my to do list for the day.  I did some laundry (it seems never ending) and then hit the kitchen to unload and reload the dishwasher.  So far so good.  My major task today was to clean up the laundry area and the entry from the garage.  This took some time and lots of decision making.  That task was finally completed around lunch time.  I grabbed some leftovers and headed to pick up Eli aka The 4 year old Ninja.

We came home and I attempted to get this small boy to take a nap.  What an exercise in futility.  That kid can put off a nap with a variety of ways.  First was to ask to nap with mommy.  Next was to ask me to scratch his back, followed by complaining that he was hot then cold.  Finally after an hour of attempting to get this kid to sleep, I gave up.

This began the playing part of the afternoon.  While I was attempting to clean the living room, my ninja child managed to convince me to let him build a tent using the dining room chairs, blankets, an ottoman and lots of imagination.  The thing that has me absolutely certain that he is a ninja is this – when I started to break down the tent, I found:

2 blankets from his bed

a bean bag chair

2 stuffed animals

a stool from the bathroom

and lastly

a bucket of hot wheel cars

I never left the living room, we were in the same room and yet I did not see ANY of these items make their way into the living room.  When I asked him when he brought all of it into the room – he gave me a sly grin and refused to say a word.

Once I had the tent cleaned up, I was positive that the living room was now clean, until I turned around and saw that the ninja had been busy.  He had managed to pull out all kinds of random things and undo everything I had worked so hard to do.

Ninja I tell you Ninja.


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