Keeping House

Today I spent my day cleaning.  Now my home is clean – so what I mean is the deep cleaning and purging that comes around when I have extra time on my hands.  Since I am now staying at home, I am attempting to fill my day with activities – today was cleaning our bedroom and purging various belongings.  I decided to take things one step at a time so after my morning walk, prayer time and kitchen pick up – I headed to the bedroom.  Can I just say – WOW at the amount of things in that room that we never touch.

I started my focus on our bookshelves.  These shelves hold everything from cookbooks to children’s storybook to regular fiction and throw in a few yearbooks, coffee table books and a few binders.  It is also home to video games and piggy banks.  I started with taking everything off the shelves – this seemed like a great idea, it really wasn’t.  Not only did I stir up all kinds of dust, but once everything was removed, it was hard to sort through it all and focus on what to keep.  (by the way – I ended up keeping all the books).  After the bookshelf, I moved on to the tops of various pieces of furniture, I really don’t know how things get so dusty in a matter of 5 days.  Prior to my stay at home status – I dusted every Saturday, so I know that dusting has occurred.  I moved through this take and then started on the washing of the bedding.  Again, this is done regularly but I wanted to wash it all while I was in the process of deep cleaning the room.  I dusted blinds, doors, I cleaned door knobs, lights etc.

It was 11:45 and I was exhausted and in a sneezing fit.  I know I will settle into a routine but for now, the deep cleaning will continue.  Phase 2 starts tomorrow – the entry from the garage and the laundry areas.  Prayers please.  I am not sure what I will find in this area- but I do know this – I learned a lot today.

I learned that dusting is not something I enjoy, I learned that I have issues with clutter, and I learned that I have a long way to go in figuring out who I am.


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