Learning to Love My New Normal

The last few months have required me to learn to living in a new normal.  The lost of my job in May started the transition and made me try to be a stay at home mom.  After a few weeks, I was offered a new job.  That job did not work out and so as of today I return to stay at home mom status.  I will be the first to admit that while I have always loved the idea of being a stay at home mom, I have never really considered it an option.  I started my first real job fresh out of college and have worked ever since that day – so for me to now be learning how to stay home and take care of things here, without my day job – well it is leaving me out of sorts.

This morning I spent time working out and praying – lots of praying.  I have started chores around the house, laundry, dishes, etc.  It is just now hitting home that not only will I be working in a different capacity but now I will also focus more on household things that previously didn’t bother me.  I am focusing on my beachbody business and looking for work but for now – I need to discover this part of Lorna – and it is ok to admit that I am scared and out of my norm.

God has a plan – we have to stop, Listen and Learn.  So that is my focus for now.

Stay tuned.


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