Some Days

Today was one of my “some days” – what is a “some day” you might ask.  Well a “some day” is the day where you never get everything accomplished and instead just spin your wheels and hit a few brick walls in the process.  What makes a “some day” occur?  Well, today it was caused […]

Five Things Friday

So I thought I would stay a “Five Things Friday” Series to share things from my week, my likes, dislikes etc. Greek Food – ok, So I love Greek food, I know lots of people don’t enjoy it, including my spouse so to be able to enjoy Greek Food today was amazing.  Not only that […]

Keeping House

Today I spent my day cleaning.  Now my home is clean – so what I mean is the deep cleaning and purging that comes around when I have extra time on my hands.  Since I am now staying at home, I am attempting to fill my day with activities – today was cleaning our bedroom […]