New Job – New Outlook

So last month I was let go from my job, while this was stressful it was honestly a blessing too.  My job could be stressful and I had already been looking for a new job, so I figure God just took control and forced me to take a leap.  After several weeks of job searching and being a stay at home parent, God provided a job.  This job is unlike anything I have EVER done and it is certainly a challenge.  I have a ton to learn and it is slow going (which if you know me is very HARD. – I usually pick on things FAST.)  I just keep reminding myself that it is slow going and I am on God’s plan.

Right after I took this job I had all kinds of doubts and fears, but God spoke; not in a shout or sign but in a still small voice that he was in control and I would be ok.  That voice keeps me going – knowing God is in control.   It is hard for most of us to stop and listen, to trust GOD.  Our plans are not always Gods plans and I have to remember that.

So What is the purpose of this post?  To remind myself and you my readers (reader? LOL) that it is just part of the journey into discovery of who I am.

Stay tuned


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