Wardrobe Basics

So lately I have been browsing the Womens Fashion section on Pinterest and have found a new love for the so called capsule wardrobes. These little basic sets of clothing items that can create a multitude of outfits.  So I began to consider what I think would be a great capsule wardrobe.  Here is the list of items I plan to include. (YES, I do plan on building this capsule for my self as a starter to a great wardrobe redo.)

1 black suit jacket (HAVE)

1 patterned or neutral jacket

1 black skirt (HAVE – but I need to lose 10 lbs to fit into it.)

1 brown/kakhi/gray skirt

1 patterned skirt

1 navy pant (HAVE)

1 gray pant (HAVE)

1 black pant

1 brown pant

2 pr jeans – 1 skinny (HAVE)/1 bootcut

1 white top

4 tops colored

2 patterned tops

3 cardigans (HAVE red/black)

4 v neck tee shirts

4 tanks (layering pieces HAVE)

2 patterned dresses )HAVE)

1 gray dress

2 pair shorts

1 belt

2 scarves

1 pr black heels (HAVE)

1 pr. boots (HAVE)

3 pair flats (HAVE)

So what are your thoughts on Capsule wardrobes?  Does my list look about right to you or is it too much?


3 thoughts on “Wardrobe Basics

  1. That’s a good list! I like to create my own according to my lifestyle but this list provides a good foundation for a 4 season wardrobe.
    I love capsule wardrobes because they allow you to have some perspective on what you need/want and how you want to express yourself with fashion.
    Thanks for sharing!



    • Thanks Mariam. I agree that eventually I will need to create my on list but for right now I need a good foundation wardrobe. Thanks for commenting and please come back and see what else I have going on in the future.


  2. I think capsule wardrobes are super smart and the best way to organize clothes, I mean staples are staples right. Your list looks great, very thought out but not too much at all!


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