Summer Time

Summer is my favorite season.  I hate the cold, rain, and gloom of Winter.  Spring and Fall aren’t bad, but my allergies force me to stay inside most of the season.  But Summer – I love summer

As a kid, summer meant playing outside all day long, trips to the library every Tuesday, popcorn and movies with the cousins down the hill, cold watermelon at mommaws/poppaws house and plenty of time to just be a kid.

I am looking forward to summer more this year than I have in quiet a while.  So I thought I would make a  list of things I want to do this summer.

1.  Movie Night:  we are blessed to have an inflatable movie screen and outdoor projector.  I am looking forward to using it        a lot this summer.

2.  Water Balloon fight:  As kids we would have a water gun fight on the bus for the last day of the school year.  A water            balloon fight sounds like something I would like to do with my kid as a Nod to my first day of summer tradition.

3.  Make homemade ice cream and eat on the back porch.

4. Go on a bike ride.  As a kid, I spent hours riding my bike.  (of course I have to buy a bike but still.)

5.  Take the kids to the park.

What types of things are you interested in doing this summer?  What is your favorite time of year?  Leave a comment below and share.


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