What’s New in My Closet

So a while ago, I shared some of the new items I have started to add to my wardrobe.  Well today I am back with another update of what is now going to be a series called “What’s New in My Closet” and the announcement that there is a coordinating vlog post up on youtube. […]

Wardrobe Basics

So lately I have been browsing the Womens Fashion section on Pinterest and have found a new love for the so called capsule wardrobes. These little basic sets of clothing items that can create a multitude of outfits.  So I began to consider what I think would be a great capsule wardrobe.  Here is the […]

Summer Time

Summer is my favorite season.  I hate the cold, rain, and gloom of Winter.  Spring and Fall aren’t bad, but my allergies force me to stay inside most of the season.  But Summer – I love summer As a kid, summer meant playing outside all day long, trips to the library every Tuesday, popcorn and […]

10 Things That I LOVE.

For every woman there are certain things that we just LOVE.  Certain pieces of clothing, accessories, books, foods and parts of nature; all could fit into this category.  Note – these are things that make me feel good of special, I am not including my family as they always make me feel special and I will […]