Date Night Fun

Date Night – two of the most wonderful words a parent can here.  This means a trip out sans children for adult conversation and good food, not to mention the bonus of coming home without sticky greasy hand prints on your clothing.

Last weekend I was just lucky enough to not only have a date night but I got to enjoy it with some good friends.

image1 (1)image2 (1)

A few weeks ago, we were discussing good food in town and the topic was Burgers; most specifically burgers from the Twisted Root Restaurant.  Now Jeremy and I have eaten at this establishment a few times since they opened and have never left hungry or unhappy, however our friends the Prators had not been there before and so a date night was planned.

The Twisted Root restaurant serves gourmet hamburgers out of traditional beef, turkey, and black bean as well as offering a rotating selection of Beaver, Elk, Bison, and the choice while we were there Kangaroo.  The sides also do not disappoint with fried onions, fried pickles, sweet potato chips and traditional fries.  This trip I enjoyed the Ranch Hand burger with its ranch sauce and bacon on a whole wheat bun and just to finish it off Sweet Potato Chips complete with a dusting of Cinnamon and sugar.

Add to the good food, an industrial decorating style complete with some fun touches like the ones pictured below and you have a great date night location.

image1 image2

We ate, talked and eventually after a few hours left to find dessert – frozen yogurt.

The evening was fabulous – getting home at 1:00 am; should tell you we really enjoyed our date.

Part of the discovery process is getting out and just having fun.  So I did.

I encourage you to try the Twisted Root in Shreveport – you will not be disappointed.


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