Changing my Space

Part of the rediscovery process has included really looking at my surroundings.  Little decorating has taken place in my house and in my space; a few pictures on the wall of family and kids but other than that nothing.  I am ready to tackle this issue head on, so how do I start? Where do you go?  Well I went to pinterest, only to be overwhelmed with all the pictures of beautiful and completely impractical decorating ideas.  Impractical at least for me.  So I decided to start small – I had previously purchased about a year ago, a wonderful wooden cut out of the words Mr. & Mrs. which I wanted to paint and place over our bed.  So during my two day work holiday, I pulled it out and dusted it off and proceeded to paint it chocolate brown to match the bedrooms accents.  The result is similar to this.:

Vintage Affair Mr and Mrs Wooden Sign

Now it is time to continue in this journey.  I am still learning what I like and don’t like, what will work and not work in my house and in my personal spaces.  Have you ever wanted to just restart from scratch?  I am kinda in that place where nothing really works for me other than one piece here and there.  I have a lot to learn still about my self and my personal tastes, but I am looking forward to this journey.


Did you ever have a pinterest inspired project?  If so did it turn out?  I am thinking of doing a “Pinspired” blog post every so often, what do you think?


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