Self Imposed

As we age (or at least as I age) I find we (or I ) tend to create these self imposed rules as to what is right or wrong.  Eating whole grains, fruits, lean meats – Right, a pint of Ben and Jerry’s -Wrong.  This extends beyond foods obviously. Some of my self imposed rules comes from my upbringing just as I am sure everyone elses – things like making the bed everyday, and eating meals at the table or even the proper way to fold a towel.  There are little rules we create for ourselves and our families that are made up often from necessity or from our upbringing or just because it worked the first time.  Is it wrong to have these rules and obey them, No.  Some rules are for safety, locking the door before bed, no jumping on the furniture, no running through the kitchen, but others are simply because.

This week I have been pondering my self imposed rules.  I have to wash my face before my bath.  I have to put the dishes in the left sink if they are dirty, the bed must be made at some point during the day.  These are all self imposed rules that honestly have no reasoning behind them other than I tell myself they are the rules.  Now I am in this journey of self discovery and wonder why do I have all these rules that really don’t matter or have a huge impact on my day at all.  I have started trying to break my rules.  Let me see what happens when I am not so structured and ridged with my ways/rules.

My first experiment was a raging success (at least I think so LOL).  Sunday night my husband and I were child free and decided to head to town to run an errand.  Nothing big planned, just a trip to a few stores and then home.  Dinner time came and to be honest nothing sounded good, or rather nothing but ice cream sounded good.  So that is what I had, a pint of Blue Bell Cookie Dough Ice Cream.  No I did not eat my healthy meal first, no I did not pass go first!  I just dug into the carton with relish and at the bottom of the pint I found – nothing.  No remorse, no bad self esteem; just the enjoyment of breaking a “rule”.  Do I plan on doing this everyday, um NO.  My waistline could not handle it but I do think I will keep pushing my limits of what is acceptable and see if I can be a little less strict and a little more laid back.  Self imposed rules are just that self imposed.  Nothing is stopping you from changing them.


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