Changing my Space

Part of the rediscovery process has included really looking at my surroundings.  Little decorating has taken place in my house and in my space; a few pictures on the wall of family and kids but other than that nothing.  I am ready to tackle this issue head on, so how do I start? Where do […]

Self Imposed

As we age (or at least as I age) I find we (or I ) tend to create these self imposed rules as to what is right or wrong.  Eating whole grains, fruits, lean meats – Right, a pint of Ben and Jerry’s -Wrong.  This extends beyond foods obviously. Some of my self imposed rules […]

Skin Care- Smincare

Skin care has always been something that I never really thought about; wash, moisturize  and done.  From my teen years until recently skincare has been somewhat of a basic routine, then I stopped and looked in the mirror.  My $10 cleanser and $12 moisturizer aren’t doing me any favors and thus a new adventure was […]