Fashion? Work in Progress

One of the things I really want to discover is my personal style when it comes to clothing.  My current look consists of khaki pants and a tee shirt (either long sleeve or short depending on the weather), a jacket and tennis shoes.  Now this look was originally just for work, I am in a kitchen all day with a chef coat on so my workouts get stained often but then it slowly became my everyday uniform.   Most days I consider it a victory if I can get somewhere without a sticky handprint on my clothes.  BUT- lately as I look toward figuring out who I am – I realized that this “frump mom uniform” was not a true reflection of my personal style.  Just take a look at my Pinterest account and you will find hundreds of pins that show fashionable, colorful clothing – and these are not just pinned but they are outfits that fit with things I would love to actually wear.  Some of these are outfits that just a few years ago I would have had in my closet.

So the question becomes – where do you find these types of items in the real world.  The internet is full of great clothing stores such as Anthropology, J. Crew, Prana but more often than not the price point is a deterrent – $200 for a blouse isn’t really for me.   Then I found Zulily and have several pieces that not only fit well but they give the look I want for the prices I like.

I am going to share some of my new purchases with you:

This amazing lacy ivory colored top is going to be just perfect with a pair of coral pixie pants and a pair of flats.  Definitely a good addition to my closet.

white lace

This pumpkin colored tunic was definitely a good choice for me.  The color is fun and the fit is flattering.  I am looking forward to finding the perfect pair of leggings to wear with it. The brand is White Plum and I will definitely be on the lookout for more pieces from this company.

pumpkin tunic

This dress is a fun green and blue floral pattern.  The jersey is thin and comfortable.  The only issue I have is the length; it falls just below my knee which isn’t the best for someone of my height.  I still enjoy wearing it so I count it as a win. (Reborn Collection)

green floral

These next two pieces are from Bellino.

This blue draped top is great.  The fit is perfect and the draping is elegant and still can be worn with jeans too.  The fabric is a nice weight cotton and wears really well.

blue drape

The last item is still up for debate.  I really do like fit of the item – well except for the sleeves which are strangely a little tight, but the colors and width of the strips isn’t quite right for me.  I am still considering this item but will wear it a few more times before I give up on it.

red strip

So some things I have discovered

  1. I love a good tunic with leggings and boots. I feel pulled together, comfortable and fashionable all at once.
  2. I am still not a good with accessories. I feel like a kid playing dress up.
  3. A good flat is just as good as a cute heel.
  4. MEASURE, MEASURE, MEASURE. Brands do not use universal sizing.  Check those measurements and use the charts.
  5. I could very easily have a shoe and purse addiction.

And lastly

  1. I have a lot of work to do to rebuild my wardrobe into one I love. The new motto is – IF you don’t LOVE it, leave it.

I hope to make this a monthly blog post.  If you have an idea for a name for this series, please leave it in the comments.


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